Server Co-Location

For maximum performance and throughput, you can locate your own server at WebCentrix. We'll connect it directly to the internet and provide you with dns, email, webmail, and list services. Remotely administer your server with programs such as Timbuktu Pro or Apple Remote Desktop. You'll pay a flat monthly fee for the connection and choose your own package of special services which may include server back-up, remote restarting capability, remote alerts and emergency power back-up. All WebCentrix equipment, including co-located servers, is located on WebCentrix premises and is personally attended to by full-time onsite WebCentrix staff.

About Burstable Bandwidth and 95th Percentile
WebCentrix monitors bandwidth usage in realtime via SNMP and Cacti. Bandwidth is measured (or sampled) from various servers and recorded in a log file. In most cases this is done every 5 minutes. At the end of the month, the samples are sorted from highest to lowest, and the top 5% (which equal to approximately 36 hours of a 30-day billing cycle) of data is thrown away. The next highest measurement becomes the 'billable utilization' for the month. Visit the Wikipedia page on Burstable Bandwidth for more details.
Sample Cacti monthly bandwidth usage graph
Standard Features Server Co-Location
Bandwidth 0.3Mbs @ 95th Percentile
IP Addresses 1
Kerio Mailboxes 5 1
24-hour Network/Server Monitoring incl.
24-hour Emergency Response incl.
Domain Hosting incl.
Filtered/Conditioned Back-up Power incl.
Telephone Tech Support incl.
Monthly Fees Server Co-Location
Xserve, MacPro, G5, or G4 Tower $99/month
Mac mini $49/month
Setup Fee (one-time fee) $50
Bandwidth Fees Server Co-Location
Additional Bandwidth
(over 0.3Mbs @ 95th percentile)
$25 per additional 0.1Mbs @ 95th percentile
Optional Services Server Co-Location
Add'l IP Addresses (ea.) $5/month
Server Admin/Maintenance as agreed

1 Kerio Mailboxes Kerio Connect is a full featured Microsoft Exchange clone that supports groupware functions (email/calendars/contacts) of Microsoft Outlook/Entourage and mobile devices that use ActiveSync technology (e.g. iPhone/iPad). Also included is access to Kerio Webmail -- access your mailbox from any browser anywhere.


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