Lasso Classifieds

Lasso Classifieds v1.0.2 - A customizable For Sale/Wanted to Buy solution that allows users to post their ads with an easy to use interface. Allows end users to modify and delete their own posts. Has a 'forgotten password' function and allows for custom product categories. Uses a template driven system to include header/footer information (insert your site look and feel). Sites utilizing Lasso Classifieds include Ford Probe FAQ Classifieds and MacRecycling. Visit the Classifieds Demo and try it out for yourself!

Lasso Classifieds is shareware ($15 for full version -- demo functions are free!). Instructions for sending payment in ReadMe file contained in the Demo download.

NEW Version 1.0.2 (11-May-2005) - tested for use with LP6 thru LP8

Download the demo for Lasso LP6 thru LP8 (27kB) and try it out today!


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