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Lasso MessageBoard v1.0.9 - Originally inspired by webbbs.pl - a PERL script that ran poorly under MacPerl - the Lasso MessageBoard was designed to provide a simple and easy to read interface for a threaded messageboard solution. Allows users to create their own profiles for posting and replying to messages. Allows users to 'subscribe' or receive e-mail copies of messages that are posted to the various forums. Users can delete their own posts. Search feature allows users to scan posts for key words in message subject line or message bodies. MessageBoard 'remembers' last login date/time and 'highlights' new messages. Each forum uses its own database (add forums as needed). Uses a template driven system to include header/footer information (insert your site look and feel). To see the demo features, visit the MessageBoard Demo (full features can be tested here). Sites utilizing Lasso MessageBoard include Ford Probe FAQ Forums.

Lasso MessageBoard is shareware ($30 for full version -- demo functions are free!). Instructions for sending payment in ReadMe file contained in the Demo download.

NEW Version 1.0.9 (11-May-2005) Code checked for compatibility with LP8 (Lasso Professional 8) and FileMaker Pro. Backwards compatible with LP7 and LP6.

Download the MessageBoard v1.0.9 (ZIP Archive) demo (94kB) and try it out today!


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