CrashPlan PRO Online Backup

Online backup provides an affordable, low maintenance, offsite solution for consumers and businesses. There is no media to change and no hardware to maintain. For businesses, it is a great option as part of a complete backup strategy.

WebCentrix now provides online backup services using CrashPlan PRO.

Fast, Reliable Backup And Restore
Backing up and restoring large amounts of data over the Internet can take days, weeks or even months. Time is precious when you need your data recovered. With some online providers, you must wait for a package to be prepared before the restore process even begins. CrashPlan PRO restores your data immediately from your local network, with no Internet slowdowns!

Complete Backup Protection
Online backup is key to a well thought out backup strategy. It ensures against extreme data loss scenarios like fire, theft and natural disasters. CrashPlan PRO protects your business by combining onsite, offsite and online backup in a single software solution.

CrashPlan PRO Is Your Complete Solution
WebCentrix recommends using CrashPlan PRO to backup to a locally attached drive (i.e. USB, FireWire, eSATA, local network storage) for speed and convenience and to a remote CrashPlan PRO Server for safety and security. CrashPlan PRO will automatically backup to both locations simultaneously. Online backups take place whenever you have an active internet connection -- perfect for mobile users who travel frequently. Restore files from either your local or offsite backup location.

The CrashPlan PRO client software is available for Windows/Macintosh/Linux/Solaris platforms and is easily installed and configured.

Online backup pricing starts at $0.15/GB per month of backed up data storage space (data storage is typically less than your actual data volume due to data compression and de-duplication). Volume discounts are available.

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